Quoting for conveyancing work is not a simple task. There are many, many variables that we have to take into account.

Every transaction is different and factors such as which mortgage lender you have chosen (some require more work than others), the complexity of the transaction and the size of the property all have an effect on our fee.

One thing that you can be sure of – once we know all the particulars of your sale or purchase, we will provide a full and fixed quote for our work. This quote will be specifically tailored to the circumstances that are relevant for your transaction, and we won’t add anything in at the end. Unlike other conveyancers we don’t have any hidden fees or unexpected costs that only materialise when you get the bill. For a bespoke quote, please complete this form or give us a call on 01403 710742. We aim to get your quote back to you within 2 hours of you providing the information that we need (within working hours!)

The table below shows the range of what you can expect to pay on average for our conveyancing service depending on the type of transaction, and the size of the house. All of our fees are subject to VAT.

Freehold SaleFreehold PurchaseLeasehold SaleLeasehold Purchase
Up to £150,000£950£1050£950£1050£1400£1600£1400£1600
£150,000 – £350,000£1050£1190£1050£1150£1500£1700£1500£1700
£350,000 – £500,000£1090£1290£1090£1250£1600£1900£1600£1900
£500,000 – £750,000£1190£1500£1190£1500£1900£2250£1900£2250
over £750,000Contact us for more informationContact us for more informationContact us for more informationContact us for more information

Just like other conveyancers, in addition, we charge:

  • Bank transfer fee £35, per transfer, plus VAT.
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax return completion (for purchases only) £55, plus VAT.
  • Copying and postage (for all transactions) £30, plus VAT.

Certain circumstances of your sale or purchase make the conveyancing more costly than the above fees, because these kinds of transactions are more complex by their nature.

They are:

  • Newbuild houses or flats
  • Unregistered land
  • Freeholds with management companies
  • Help to buy loans or ISAS
  • Trust deeds
  • Separately represented mortgage lenders
  • Transfers of part of a title
  • Listed buildings

If any of these circumstances occur within your transaction, the fees will be adjusted. When we create your personalised quote, we take these into account, so that your quote is fixed, and exactly what you will be invoiced when the transaction is completed.


In addition to this, we, and all conveyancers, have to charge you for the searches that we conduct on your behalf and other payments that you have to make as part of buying or selling a house. These ‘disbursements’ are payments that we make to third parties, on your behalf and are fixed and the same no matter who your solicitor is. If you’d like more information about what happens during the searches, and what they are, we have an article here that outlines this in more detail.

Purchase Disbursements

ActivityAverage Fee
Local search£140
Environmental search£60
Water and drainage search£54
Highways search£75
Commons search£20
Mining search (only in affected areas)£60
Bankruptcy search£4
Land Registry search£2
Land Registry fee£20 – £910 on a scale – find out where you would sit on this scale here.
Notice fees (leaseholds and freeholds with a management company)£50 – £400
Stamp duty land taxEntirely variable depending on the size of the property, calculate yours here.

Sale Disbursements

ActivityAverage Fee
Office copy entries£12
Management information fee (leaseholds and freeholds with management companies only)£100 – £400


To illustrate just how varied the fees can be, even for properties with the same value, here are three sample quotes for three similar houses, being sold within West Sussex, but with different situations.

Example 1:

Mr and Mrs Smith live in Australia and want to sell their old house in Horsham for £450,000.00. The house is on a modern estate, with a management company and service charge is payable. There is a tenant living in the house who will remain there on completion of the sale. The Smiths have a mortgage to be repaid. The matter is very urgent and must complete within four weeks.

The fee transaction will be in the higher part of the range shown above because of the urgency, the distance from us of our clients, and because the contract must allow for the tenant remaining (we will have to answer questions about the tenancy). We will also need to obtain a pack of management information, provide this to the buyer’s solicitor and answer questions about the pack. The Smiths will also have to pay for the management pack which may cost up to £500.00

Example 2:

Mr and Mrs Brown want to sell their 1970s house in Horsham for £450,000.00. They have no mortgage. They are initially moving in with family, so they have no purchase and the matter is not urgent. This sale will fall into the lower part of the range shown above.

Example 3:

Mrs Green is selling her late mothers’ cottage in Maplehurst for £450,000.00. It is a Grade II listed building. Her mother bought it in 1975 and it has an unregistered title (paper deeds not yet registered with the Land Registry). It also has a shared septic tank instead of a mains drainage connection. The mortgage on the property was repaid in 1983 but the mortgage lender did not do the correct administrative work to remove the mortgage from the deeds. Mrs Green does not know this when she instructs us to sell the house for her.

Our initial quote will be in the higher range of the above fees because we have to review the deeds and check them for missing documents and list them before we can send out contract papers to the buyers’ solicitors. We will also have to answer lots of questions about the drainage system, possibly having to involve the neighbours that share the system. We will also need to tell the buyer’s solicitors about all the internal and external works to the property and prove that listed building consent was obtained when it was required. When it becomes apparent that the mortgage has not been removed from the title, we will decide whether to charge more for this work. If we need to do so, we will let Mrs Brown know what the extra fee is.

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