Did You Want The Kitchen With That?

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Clients come to us seeking help with conveyancing.  Buying a new house is well known for being a hugely stressful process, so we work hard to ensure that this is a smooth process, and as relaxing for our clients as possible, by providing really responsive communications and a warm welcome at our home-based office.

We also pride ourselves on delivering advice to our clients from the heart. Whoever we are working with, we give them the kind of recommendations that we’d give our own parents or siblings.

As we only do conveyancing, we’ve experienced pretty much every situation (though, there’s always a first time!) and this means that we can usually solve most issues as they arise.

Sometimes We Advise Our Client Not To Buy

On some, very rare occasions, an issue may be so serious that we have to advise a client to walk away from a sale.

Here’s one such scenario, that illustrates how bad things would have to be for us to advise abandoning a purchase! Imagine this…

You have found a dream apartment in London, it has a high spec kitchen, there has been no expense spared.

The offer is accepted; the sale seems to be going smoothly.

The kitchen has been built on the roof terrace with views across London; you start daydreaming about rooftop parties with Summer cocktails and fairy lights around your newly bought olive trees.

The solicitor calls and it is brought to your attention that the property you want to buy does not in fact own the roof on which the kitchen is now standing, so it doesn’t own that either.

In many situations this is a problem that we can get round with indemnity insurance, retrospective planning permission or other solutions.

In this case, the flat was at the top of a freehold building and the other freeholders needed to sign this off.

If the client had bought this flat, they would have not actually owned the kitchen!

There were too many issues with the other freeholders for this sale to go through. We suggested to our disappointed client that they walked away.

The great news is that they found another flat which in the end turned out to be even more suitable for them.  We were delighted when the buyer came back to us with the second place because our research on the first property had been so thorough, and our ‘tough-love’ recommendation meant that even though they didn’t proceed, we had formed a good relationship.

These situations are rare but it pays to get good advice when it comes to such a big purchase. You won’t get this kind of advice from every solicitor.

Just about to buy or sell a property? We’d love to help you secure your dream property (as long as it includes ALL the rooms!) You can request a quote for conveyancing services here.

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